Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

Banana Notes, Spring/Summer 2011.  For Friends of The Hannah Banana Foundation. Vol 1. Issue 2. Page 1. [Please view images to see the newsletter.]  Dear Friends, Thank you for supporting the Hannah Banana Foundation and our mission to spread positive energy to the seriously ill, hospitalized adults.  Over 12,000 patients have received our Activity and Communication Bags, and we know from their feedback how meaningful and valuable the gift bags are.  With your help, we will continue to put smiles on the faces of patients who often feel no hope.  We are grateful for your generous donations of time, dollars and spirit.  Your belief in our cause has enabled the Hannah Banana Foundation to have a presence at 16 hospitals in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area.  Thanks a bunch for your commitment!  Arin Amanda Prisand, President and Founder.  Anita Lubarsky, Vice President.  Lauren Vingiano, Director of Marketing and Development.
Page 2. [Please view images to see the newsletter.]  Why do we give Hannah Banana Activity Bags and Communication Bags?  What is in the Bags?  How do the Activity Bags and Communication Bags help patients?  Who receives Hannah Banana Foundation Gift Bags?  Where does Hannah Banana Foundation deliver?  Be part of the 'Banana Bunch!'  Would you like to get involved?  Hannah Banana Day at Ronald McDonald House, New York.  Dance Backwards is a humorous and quirky anthology of poems written by the original Hannah 'Banana' Prisand herself!
Page 3. [Please view images to see the newsletter.]  Hannah Banana Rocked Again!  Hannah Banana Foudnation hosted our second annual benefit on April 22, 2010 at the Canal Room in New York City.  Next Benefit: October 20, 2011. Save The Date!  Check our website for details on this fabulous upcoming event: hannahbananafoundation.org.  Tips from the 'Front Line'. Chemotherapy is a difficult process and it's hard to know how to best help friends or family who are in treatment.  Remember the doctor knows best, but here's the 411 from someone who has been a patient.  If you know someone who is sick and in need of some Hannah Banana Cheer, please let us know.  Send your request for a Hannah Banana Activity Bag to allyson@hannahbananafoundation.org.
Page 3. [Please view images to see the newsletter.]  Why we do what we do... If you've ever wondered if your donation makes a difference, let these words from our brave patients be your answer.  The BananApeel!  Hannah Banana Foundation appreciates your generous and creative support.  Any amount makes a big difference in the life of a sick person.  Each bag only costs about $5.  We can reach many patients with your contributions.  We're a registered public charity under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).  To make your tax-deductible donation, please visit hannahbananafoundation.org or mail your check to:  Hannah Banana Foundation.  353 East 72nd Street, #34A, New York, NY 10021