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Dance Backwards and Share the Joy!

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What do you do when you’re bored, lonely, or falling apart? Why, you dance backwards! When the sky is cloudy? Dance backwards! When you’ve been lied to? Yes, then, too! This bit of fanciful advice—essentially, to meet each difficult moment with humor and good cheer— is the message of Dance Backwards, Hannah "Banana" Prisand’s book of children’s poetry.

Posthumously published by our Foundation, this quirky anthology is filled with humor and whimsy and will warm your heart as your reminisce about happy childhood days. All proceeds benefit the Hannah Banana Foundation.

Want to share this joy with hospitalized children? We hold workshops based on the book for hospitalized children. Known as “Hannah Banana Days”, they feature arts and crafts lessons based on the poetry. To host a Hannah Banana Day, click here.