Patient Testimonials

The Hannah Banana Foundation: Why we’re here

“Why give?” Let these notes from patients and hospitals be the answer.

From Patients

"I really appreciate these gifts! Thanks so much!" Dora, 59, North Shore University Hospital

“I love the gift! It's perfect. It's a great idea and brings comfort and joy.”
Elizabeth, Age 65, New York Presbyterian

“The smiley face pen made me smile. I think it was very thoughtful of you to think enough of us to even give us gifts. The puzzles keep my mind active.”
Dupont, Age 53, Downstate

“It made it easier to communicate with my family. I used everything in the package.”
Tim, Age 65, Mt. Sinai

“Thanks for sending us a gift that takes up our spare time. It helps us to think positive.”
Hugh, Age 66 Downstate

“I'm deaf/mute. Your product helped me get through those lonely nights. Had something to do with and without my friends and family.”
Karen, Age 26, Downstate

“I cannot thank you enough for your generous gift. It meant a lot. It made me feel as if I mattered during a time when I wasn't feeling my best. God bless you!!”
Daisy, Age 44, Mt. Sinai

“The coloring book took my mind off the chemo. I use it all the time, it’s a beautiful idea.”
Lowise, Age 72, Downstate

“It brightened my day and kept me distracted from my pain. This is a great idea.”
Sandra, Age 27, New York Hospital

“Nice to know that people care when you are facing a rough time.”
William, Age 63, Mt. Sinai

“Being sick is lonely. It made me smile to think that someone cared about me.”
Jane, Age 55, Columbia

“It was the brightest and most compassionate time for my whole stay.”
Lataya, Age 27, New York Presbyterian

"It's a beautiful gift." Beatrice, 63, NY Presbyterian

"I thank you for my gift. When I am taking my medication, I solve puzzles with a smile." Susan, 40, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

"This gift made my day." Duport, 53, SUNY Donwstate Medical Center

"Yes, I use my gifts everyday!" Montia, 42, SUNY Downstate Medical Ceneter.