Friends Remember Hannah

Hannah “Banana” Prisand saved her energy to attend Hannah Banana Foundation’s first fundraising benefit on October 23, 2008. It was an incredible event with over 480 supporters in attendance. The room was filled with bright, happy faces celebrating Hannah, the Foundation, and its mission.

Everyone was so thrilled that Hannah could attend and be part of such an amazing and successful evening. Hannah died one week later- proud of Hannah Banana Foundation’s progress and knowing that it would inspire optimism in other patients.

Many people loved Hannah. Some of their words, below, capture her upbeat spirit and reiterate why the Foundation that brings smiles to other chronically ill adults is named for her!

“Hannah was the most amazing, courageous person I know- An inspiration to us all. She was chronically ill for most of her adult life, but she hid it well. She didn’t complain about it or let it interfere with Life’s Joys. Nobody Loved a Party more than Hannah. Just 11 days ago she summoned all of her strength for one last party, celebrating the Hannah Banana Foundation. She looked beautiful, and I know she felt like a celebrity. And we all basked in her happiness. Her presence- it was her gift to all of us. Hannah lived life with love, good humor, energy, and spirit.” Linda B.

“Hannah leaves a legacy of love, humanity, caring, humor, and strength that will live forever. I know she touched my life and made me a better person.” Neal K.

“Hannah lived a life of ‘the glass being half full’!...I learned so much about life, art, painting, crafts, laughter, warmth, and relationships…all from her.” Suzie B.

“As soon as you met her, you learned that she was imaginative, inspired, artistic, brave- a true original. Whether she was making yummy banana bread, fabulous brisket, designing, creating, writing poetry, or just having a conversation, she always brought incredible joy to all who knew her. Although health issues dogged her throughout most of her adult life, she never complained. She’d make a joke, shrug her shoulders and move on.” Joanne B.

“We will always have funny and happy thoughts about Hannah and the fun we’ve all had together. She was one of the most courageous people we knew!” Sandi W.

“She was definitely ‘One of a Kind.’ She was so full of life and never complained and had a wonderful sense of humor.” Carole D. (a nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital)

“Hannah was a special lady. You can bet she has the angels laughing.” Bernice K.

"I called her the nutsiest person I knew that could deal with reality...The fun and joys of times with Hannah will always bring a smile to my face." Richard G.

“Hannah had a wonderful sense of humor. Her poetry was creative and outstanding. She was always ready to sing, dance and have fun. When illness struck, she fought hard, did not complain, and made the best of every situation. She was brave and patient and never gave up the fight to keep living.” Dorothy P.

“Hannah was the most positive and courageous person I ever knew. These elements of her personality were contagious among her friends and inspiring…I took the news badly, but after several days and much thought I did what Hannah would have wanted me to do. That is, I emotionally and mentally decided to ‘put on my party hat’ and enjoy and celebrate the life I have been given. Face forward- with a smile and a laugh!” Jan B.

“I remember her fondly-always smiling, and ready to party.” Barbara N.

“The vision of Hannah whose love of life, desire to live it to the fullest, ability to pull away from its sometimes sadness and continue to be happier than anyone else that we know, will far outshine her passing.” Ilene and David W.

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